Vaude Villain (Revenged Reissue 2017)

by Jamie DeWolf

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With new music, verses and recordings! A molotov mix of outlandish comedy, gritty story-telling, searing rap, and acclaimed live performances by the raconteur and host of Tourettes Without Regrets: Jamie DeWolf
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released March 1, 2017

WATCH THE SHORT FILMS of “No Anesthetic”, “Chasing Charlamagne”, “Strychnine Valentine”, and “Ricochet in Reverse” at

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Originally Mixed and Mastered at Hyper Raje Studios
Remastered and Recorded by Jim Greer

1 Produced by Lindsey Lee for
2, 5, 7, 11 Original Music composed by Alex Mandel
3 and 14 Produced by Duke Bossman. Original Music by Pat Slapz
4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 16 Recorded Live by Gabriel Hurley at Tourettes Without Regrets, Oakland CA
7 Additional Music Effects by Jim Greer
5 and 11 Performed for Snap Judgment Live
8 Produced by Stephanie Foo for Snap Judgment
10 Music by Sam Bass, Adapted from “In Spite of Everything” with the Suicide Kings
13 Music by Jeff McCoy, Recorded Live @ The Purple Onion, San Francisco CA
CD Front photo by Jan Stürman - CD Front Sleeve Design by Natasia Schibinger
CD Back Photo by Gabriel Hurley



all rights reserved


Jamie DeWolf Oakland, California

Performer, comedian, film-maker, Suicide King, prankster, host and creator of the notorious Tourettes Without Regrets, DeWolf's "Vaude Villain" is full of the wild irreverence, emotional dark extremes and razor sharp lyricism that have defined DeWolf's career from the barroom battles in the world of slam, to full on theatrical performances to self loathing rap. ... more

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Track Name: No Anesthetic
Alright class, raise your hand if your damaged
It’s time all the doomed souls got our own anthem
If your own mind has held your life for ransom
for all my artists who take a knife to the canvas
Go ahead and rewind the tale of the tape
And make a fearless inventory of a life of mistakes
from LSD to Paxil D to crystal meth to heroin
if living is revenge, well I guess I win
taken more shots to the face than Forrest Griffin
done a couple dozen crimes no way in hell I’m admitting
kicked out of three schools just for the words I wrote
spent years writing drafts of the same suicide note
we all got only two choices- sink or swim
the glass is half empty so put salt on the rim
you can’t smile without having all teeth grit
serotonins never been my sidekick

Got a God, con men and pirates in my genes
Put on the best shows that the world will never see
Rocking Oaklands gutters for a decade plus
waving our freak flag for years and all outta fucks
L. Ron taught me about the power of one
to never underestimate the danger of your tongue
take a spin on fully loaded Russian roulette
until the microphone steals my last breaths
Transform my nightmares into wet dreams,
howling into a hurricane, a clown stripping through the screams
keep it moving like a wounded shark
Making art like Disney got his own abusement park
Living a life of flames, straight burning til the end
gotta use a ouija board to talk to my dead friends
for all those looking for a reason to fight
Make the world afraid of the dark and shoot out the lights

I’m a snuff movie star and a cult of One
I don’t got a drinking problem unless I can’t get one
let’s just say my DNA doesn't handle sanity well
got a problem with that, I’ll kick your inner child down a well
got a million ex girlfriends and a checkered past
sick of drowning secrets at the bottom of a shot glass
became a writer because I can’t afford a psychiatrist
signing autographs with fresh scars on my wrists
Pretty at words, but I’m ugly as shit
my last tat will be revenge on my inner lip
had a shrink who tried to pump me full of Prozac
if I see him again I’ll stab him to death with only one thumbtack
I’m murder on a budget, philosophy is fuck it, phantom limbs I’m cutting
I’m addicted to destruction
cuz Art ain’t nothing without a sharpened edge
I got a further vision from years hanging off the ledge
there’s a suicide every 40 seconds
so trauma is only a comma after your life sentence
so kill your therapist, break your mirror and flush your sedatives
because life is a photo you develop from the negatives
so dance through disaster, waltz through the wreckage
smear the blood into a smile with no anesthetic